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Blue Federal Credit Union

Blue Federal Credit Union

Est. Date:


Previous Names:

Warren Federal Credit Union



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The name ‘Blue’ reflects Warren Air Force roots (Air Force Blue) and a deep connection to the spectacular Rocky Mountain Front Range, open skies, clean waters, as well as promoting the idea that the sky is the limit when you become a member of Blue Federal Credit Union.


We believe that members deserve a community built around authentic connections. We know money alone can’t buy happiness. For people to truly feel fulfilled, their personal lives and communities need to be thriving too. Without a lifelong champion, this can’t be achieved. It’s all just wasted potential. That’s why people join credit unions in the first place; they want greater ownership of – and a deeper connection to – their community. With Blue by their side, our members feel empowered to tap into the potential of money, life and community. We’re the link that ties all three together. One realized dream at a time, Blue helps transform our communities to discover pathways to realize their possibilities.

Blue Federal Credit Union

Blue World Headquarters in Cheyenne Wyoming

Blue Federal Credit Union

The entire staff of Blue Federal Credit Union

Blue Federal Credit Union

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